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4 Things to Remember When You’re in Labor

I love this blog.


Everyone loves a baby, but your baby needs to be skin-to-skin with you immediately after delivery. …or your partner, if you are unavailable. Just remember that everyone else will get their chance to hold your baby.  Tell them to hold the baby when you need to sleep! Skin-to-skin contact is especially important for breastfeeding, but it’s good for all babies, regardless of your feeding choice. Skin-to-skin contact should be immediate and uninterrupted.


You’re pregnant, not paralyzed…get up and move. You were walking around right before you came to the hospital, so don’t think you need to ask permission to change positions. The IV pole doesn’t glue you to the bed. Unless there’s a medical reason why you need to stay planted in the bed, walk around. Rock in a rocking chair. Use a birthing ball. Whatever you do, don’t just lay flat on your back in a bed.


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